(Red rockfishes with strong head spines)

Mexican rockfish
(Sebastes macdonaldi)

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Body color:
Olive-brown to blackish-red dorsally, becoming plain red on side; lateral line in a clear red zone bordered by darker color; ventral and anal fins reddish, other fins darker.
Maximum length: 26.5 in (66 cm) Peritoneum color: dark
Maximum depth: 130 fm (238 m) Shape between eyes: flat to convex
Common depth: 50-130 fm (91-238 m) Counts: D:XII-XIV,12-15, Ar:7-8, P1:18-20, GR:35-42,
LLp:52-58, LLs:?-?, V:26

Similar species:

Redstripe RF - body light red w/ lateral line in gray zone; pectoral fins red to light green (black membranes in Mexican RF); pectoral rays 16-18 (18-20 in Mexican RF); lachrymal bone w/ two spines.

Distribution: Central California - Baja California

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