(Red rockfishes with strong head spines)

Longspine thornyhead
(Sebastolobus altivelis)

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Body color: Bright red w/ black areas on fins and body, dark spot on posterior part of spinous dorsal fin; gill chamber mostly dark.
Maximum length: 15 in (38 cm) Peritoneum color: light w/ spots
Maximum depth: 960 fm (1755 m) Shape between eyes: concave
Common depth: 167-875 fm (305-1775 m) Counts: D:XV-XVII,8-10, Ar:4-6, P1:22-24, GR:21-26,
LLp:28-32, LLs:32-38, V:29

Similar species:

Shortspine Thornyhead - dorsal spine 3 shorter than 4; pectoral fin w/ strong notch; gill chamber mostly pale; dorsal spines typically 16 (typically 15 in Longspine Thornyhead).

Broadbanded Thornyhead - ventral pectoral rays highly branched, lobe-like; body deeper.

Aleutian Scorpionfish (genus Adelosebastes) - cheek spines 1-2, weak; lower pectoral rays fingerlike; head spines very large; body deep.

Other Rockfishes (genus Sebastes) - cheek spines absent; pectoral fin wedge-shaped w/out notch; body deep; dorsal spines 12-15 (15-17 in Longspine Thornyhead).

Distribution: Gulf of Alaska - Baja California

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