(Black rockfishes with weak head spines)

Gray rockfish
(Sebastes glaucus)

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Body color:
Black to gray w/ yellow mottling; three dark bars radiate posteriorly from eye.
Maximum length: 20 in (50 cm) Peritoneum color: dark
Maximum depth: 270 fm (550 m) Shape between eyes: convex
Common depth: ? fm (? m) Counts: D:XIV,14-17, Ar:7-9, P1:18-20, GR:34-41,
LLp:37-52, LLs:48-78, V:29-30

Similar species:

Dusky RF - body tan to dark blue-black; symphyseal knob moderate to small (symphyseal knob absent in Gray RF); pectoral rays typically 18 (typically 19 in Gray RF).

Black RF - body black to gray, white ventrally; body slender (robust in Gray RF); head spine count differs; peritoneum typically light; head spine count typically differs.

Yellowtail RF - symphyseal knob strong (absent in Gray RF); peritoneum light.

Distribution: Aleutian Islands

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