(Red/Black rockfishes with strong head spines)

Copper rockfish
(Sebastes caurinus)

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Body color:
Dark brown to olive, washed w/ copper-pink and often splashed w/ dull yellow; posterior lateral line and lower sides usually white in fresh specimens, becoming copper-pink on prolonged exposure. (See above photos.)
Maximum length: 22 in (58 cm) Peritoneum color: light
Maximum depth: 100 fm (183 m) Shape between eyes: concave
Common depth: <67 fm (<120 m) Counts: D:XIII,11-14, Ar:5-7, P1:16-18, GR:26-32,
LLp:37-47, LLs:39-45, V:25-26

Similar species:

Brown RF - head spine count differs; body color light brown w/ darker brown mottling; operculum w/ dark blotch.

Gopher RF - body w/ about 6 gray or pink blotches; lateral line dark and broken by blotches.

Quillback RF - anal rays typically 7 (typically 6 in Copper RF); cheeks and breast w/ small spots.

Distribution: Gulf of Alaska - Baja California

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