(Red rockfishes with strong head spines)

Aleutian scorpionfish
(Adelosebastes latens)

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Body color:
Bright crimson red; dusky mottling on back forming 3 faint saddles; ventral pectoral rays pink; dusky area on dorsal-most pectoral rays.     
Maximum length: 16 in (41 cm) Peritoneum color: gray w/ black spots
Maximum depth: 666 fm (1200 m) Shape between eyes: concave
Common depth: ? fm (? m) Counts: D:XII,12-13, Ar:5, P1:18-22, GR:24-25,
LLp:28-29, LLs:74-100, V:26

Similar species:

Thornyheads (genus Sebastolobus) - cheek spines 5-10, strong; dorsal spines 15-17 (12-13 in Aleutian Scorpionfish).

Other Rockfishes (genus Sebastes) - cheek spines absent; pectoral fin rounded, lacking notch, wedge-shaped (slightly notched in Aleutian Scorpionfish); pectoral rays typically 20 (21 in Aleutian Scorpionfish); lower jaw equal to or longer than upper jaw (shorter than upper jaw in Aleutian Scorpionfish).

Distribution: Aleutian Islands

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