• Restoration Day

    Ten ways to make a difference!

    1. Conserve water - Salmon need cold, clean water to survive.

    2. Recycle, Reuse, Reduce - Following the three R's provides a healthier habitat for ocean life.

    3. Become seafood savvy - Help promote sustainably harvested seafoods by buying U.S. Seafood. Get the facts at Fishwatch!

    4. Plant an organic garden or yard - Reducing pesticide and herbicide use in your yard keeps toxic pollutants out of our watersheds.

    5. Conserve energy - Turning off lights in unused rooms provides more water for wildlife, reduces green house gas and saves you money!

    6. Don't pollute - Put your trash, compost or recycling in the proper containers, so it doesn't end up in our waterways!

    7. Get involved - You can make a big difference by contributing a few hours to local restoration and clean-up projects.

    8. View marine wildlife responsibly - Be Whale Wise and Share the Shore! Learn more at: www.bewhalewise.org.

    9. Report harassment of marine mammals and injured or stranded marine mammals - Call 1-800-853-1964.

    10. Share this information with your family and friends!