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Seafood 101
A Journey from Sea to Market to Table

Seafood 101 is a collaborative effort developed to educate and encourage kids, families, and the public to eat healthy with seafood. The program highlights the nutritional, environmental, and economic value of eating U.S. seafood. Cooking classes at Puget Sound Whole Foods markets demystify cooking seafood with tips and recipes. Tours of Seattle ports celebrate the maritime and fishing heritage of the Puget Sound region. Seafood 101 highlights the role of NOAA Fisheries in ensuring that U.S. seafood is sustainable through responsibly managed fisheries. A 12-page educational supplement was created in collaboration with the Newspapers in Education program at The Seattle Times will be distributed to over 1,000 teachers. Find out more about Seafood 101 at the Seafood 101 website.

The 12-page Seafood 101 supplement was published in The Seattle Times, October 6, 2013.

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