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Cooperative Research Program

Cooperative Research
2016 Projects
2015 Projects
2015 Progress Rpts.
2014 Projects
2014 Progress Rpts.
2013 Projects
2013 Progress Rpts.
FY15 National Cooperative Research Program Funded Proposals 
Proposal Prinicipal Investigator/Contact
Research on Bering Sea Crab Species       Robert Foy        
Acoustic Habitat Classification       Steve Barbeaux         
Fishing Technology and Conservation Engineering to Reduce Bycatch       Carwyn Hammond    
Effects of Environmental Conditions on Halibut Bycatch       Carey McGilliard              
Improving Maturity Eestimates of Sablefish and Deep-water Rockfish       Cara Rodgveller     
Developing Maturity Schedules for Greenland Turbot           Tom Wilderbuer
Arrowtooth Flounder Pilot Tagging Project        Richard Yamada


For more information on the ASFC’s Cooperative Research Program, please contact the AFSC regional coordinator John Clary (526-4039).

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