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Cooperative Research Program

Cooperative Research
2016 Projects
2015 Projects
2015 Progress Rpts.
2014 Projects
2014 Progress Rpts.
2013 Projects
2013 Progress Rpts.
FY13 National Cooperative Research Program Funded Proposals
Proposal Prinicipal Investigator/Contact
Sablefish Longline Survey/Logbook                     Lunsford
Crab Research w/Bering Sea Fisheries Research Foundation                     Foy
Eastern Bering Sea Bottom Trawl/Pacific Cod                     Weinberg
Bycatch Reduction                     Rose
Electronic Monitoring/Halibut & Sablefish                     Loefflad
Pot Gear for Octopus                     Conners
Socio-Economic Indices for Alaska Fishing Communities                     Himes-Cornell
University of Washington Cooperative Research                     Ferdinand


For more information on the ASFC’s Cooperative Research Program, please contact the AFSC regional coordinator John Clary (526-4039).

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