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Steller Sea Lion Coordinated Research Program Funding Sources

1. CIFAR - Cooperative Institute for Arctic Research; collaboration of NOAA and the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

2. Other - funding from sources other than federal, state, or university

3. PCCRC - Pollock Cooperative Conservation Research Center of the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

4. PPA - Projects, plans, and activities identified in the Federal budget. This represents federal funds given directly to individual organizations (ADFG, ASLC, NOS, NPUMMRC, NPFMC, OAR/PMEL, UAF, and NMFS) and identified in a line-item in the NMFS budget.

5. SSLRI - Steller Sea Lion Research Initiative of the NMFS, which distributed funds for 1-3 year projects in 2001.