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The North Pacific Right Whale Research Cruise scheduled for the month of August in the Gulf of Alaska is designed to locate, photograph, and hopefully satellite-tag a critically endangered North Pacific right whale. This cruise represents one leg in a four-month Collaborative Large Whale Survey that is being conducted along the west coast by the Southwest Fisheries Science Center and the Alaska Fisheries Science Center aboard the NOAA Fisheries research vessel Reuben Lasker. Brenda Rone (pictured left) is NOAA Fisheries affiliate and chief scientist on the cruise.

August 10, 2015

Hey! We are in the Barnabas Trough area and have had one single up call and one single gunshot call this morning. As a result, we are doing an expanded visual search around the position of the detection.

We are hoping it will start chatting some more! There are a lot of humpbacks in the area so we are spending a lot of time identifying animals. The seas are big enough that we often only see blows and no bodies, so it takes time to get the identifications.

Keep the faith!  Brenda

NOTE:  In the North Pacific Right whales are known to make certain sounds –“up calls” and “gunshot calls.”  Scientists actually know very little about why Right whales make these sounds.  However, listening for Right whales, with specialized acoustic equipment, is one way scientists are able to locate these rare whales in the vast North Pacific Ocean.

Read more about this important cruise. Listen to a recording of a right whale call. Check out some photos! Check back here for updates on what Brenda and our other scientists see while on the cruise.




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