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Arctic Cruise in August


Throughout the month of August, Jessica Randall, part of the Fisheries Oceanography Coordinated Investigations (FOCI) program with the Alaska Fisheries Science Center, will be sending dispatches from the NOAA ship Ron Brown. The ship is conducting surveys in the U.S. Chukchi and Beaufort Seas to obtain baseline oceanographic data. Sampling is also being conducted at hotspots for productivity and biodiversity, known as Distributed Biological Observatory (DBO) sites (for more information see:

This survey, in its fifth year of operations, is part of a multi-institutional effort to improve our understanding of arctic ecosystems.

August 10, 2015 – Onward to the Arctic

Almost a week since departing Seattle and my fifth day on the Brown, things are slowly settling into a rhythm. It has been a long transit but we’ve all managed to stay busy though we are looking forward to getting started in the next few days. As it stands now we are scheduled to cross over into the Arctic Circle sometime early tomorrow morning. Our five arctic veterans onboard have already started the whisperings of a Blue Nose Ceremony sometime tomorrow, a time honored tradition on military vessels marking the first time crossing the 66-32 North latitude. While I cannot divulge exactly what this initiation will entail (to be honest, none of us know right now!), I can say that I have signed up and as of this time tomorrow should officially be a blue-nose.  

This morning we’ve shifted our clocks back another hour so we are operating on Adak time. Tonight we will fall back another hour so we’ll be three hours behind Seattle. Due to our counterparts working in the nearshore, we’ve adjusted our schedules to better match daylight hours to optimize their sampling time. An extra hour of sleep as we transit? Yes please!

Before too long we’ll likely lose our internet connection but stay tuned. I’ll still be writing and hope to send things through when I can. Thanks for reading!


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