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What’s Happening:  Snow and Tanner Crab Growth Study, Dutch Harbor, Alaska, 2016

May 13 to May 17

Weather in Dutch Harbor!

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  April 11-18
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  April 21
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  April 27-29
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  May 13-17
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Fog was very low that morning.  We could hardly see past the dock!
The weather in Dutch Harbor, Alaska, is a frequent topic of visitors and locals alike.

During the summer, when daylight averages around 16 hours, changes in the daily weather are apparent.

You might wake up to a day full of sunshine with hardly a cloud in the sky. But, within just a couple of hours, thick fog or clouds may roll in, hiding all evidence that the sun was ever present.

And sometimes you can see different weather patterns just by rotating around the island, as is illustrated by the six (cropped) photos below (click on each one to see the full image).

Note: all photos credit NOAA Fisheries.
weather facing north
Facing north
weather facing northeast
Facing northeast
weather facing east
Facing east
weather facing south
Facing south
weather facing west
Facing west
weather facing northwest
Facing northwest

Low ceilings of fog and unstable winds can prevent planes from landing into Dutch Harbor.  Melanie Paquin (NOAA Fisheries) was unable to leave the island due to weather, so we invited her and Alyssa Pourmonir (NOAA Office of Marine & Aviation Operations) to visit our crab growth study site.

Christie and Jeff
I am working with Jeff Cox (Bering Sea Fisheries Research Foundation) to look for molted crabs in a lantern net.
Melanie and Alyssa
Melanie Paquin and Alyssa Pourmonir are looking for molted crabs as well!
Jeff, Melanie and Alyssa
Jeff is explaining the molting process to Melanie and Alyssa.

By Christie Lang, NOAA Fisheries scientist
Christie Lang

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