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Pavlof sunrise
Pavlof sunrise.   Photo: NOAA Fisheries

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Plankton pump trials a success!

June 7, 2017 -- Our final week on Leg 1 of the Gulf of Alaska groundfish survey has been eventful. Rough seas and strong winds drove us into Pavlof Bay for an evening. Pavlof volcano is one of many active volcanoes in Alaska. We enjoyed the view while waiting to head back out to our sampling stations.

plankton sieve
Samples collected in plankton sieve.   Photo: NOAA Fisheries


June 9, 2017 -- On the afternoon of June 8 the plankton pump was deployed again, and it was a huge success. The pump speed was increased, and all sorts of tiny creatures were captured in the net. Rachel won’t know exactly what was collected until she gets back to Seattle. The camera attached to the pump recorded images of the habitat and fishes. Some sponge and rockfish were present at a few stations. Halibut, searchers, and sponges were also seen.


Rachel and crew
Rachel and crew prepare plankton pump.   Photo: NOAA Fisheries



We head to Sand Point, Alaska, tomorrow evening. On Monday many of us will depart and a new crew of scientists will take over. We would like to thank the amazing crew of the FV Sea Storm for their assistance with the plankton pump. The Captain, Jerry Ellefson, and his crew Brian, Scottie, Jay, and Sue were very patient and always ready to help.


Post by: Pam Goddard

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