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Fisheries Interaction Team: Research Projects

Status of Stocks
Fisheries Interaction
Research Projects
  Atka mackerel
      Tagging       Food Habits
  Beaufort Sea
  Pacific cod
      Pot study       Maturity
  Walleye pollock
      Interactions       Aleutian Coop
Cruise Reports

The research activities of FIT currently focus on three commercially fished groundfish species:

Atka Mackerel

Atka in tank

Atka Mackerel Tagging Studies
The goal of this project is to use tagging methods to estimate local abundance and small scale movement of Atka mackerel around Steller sea lion rookeries and to examine potential fishery effects on Atka mackerel movement and abundance. 
Atka mackerel food habits study
The goal of this project is to study Atka mackerel feeding ecology with respect to differential growth in different geographic regions of the Aleutian Island area.

Related Research:

Pacific cod

sorting table

Pacific Cod Localized Depletion Study
One of the research efforts funded by the Steller Sea Lion Research Initiative is a field study of localized depletion in Pacific cod. The study uses pot catch of cod with a fixed fishing method as an index of local abundance.
Pacific Cod Maturity Project
This study uses histology to validate a visual maturity key for Pacific cod. This key will be used to determine maturity macroscopically (without histology) during observer sampling aboard commercial fishery vessels. The AFSC FMA observer program is instrumental in the collection of these data.

Related Research:

Walleye pollock


Pollock-fishery Interactions in the Gulf of Alaska
In 2000 and 2001, scientists from the Resource Assessment and Conservation Ecology (RACE) and Resource Ecology and Fisheries Management (REFM) Divisions designed of a four-year investigation of the effects of fishing on sea lion prey abundance and distribution in a commercial fishing ground located on the eastside of Kodiak Island. In 2001, investigators from Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory joined the project to provide enhanced bio-physical sampling to characterize the marine habitat.
Aleutian Islands Cooperative Acoustic Survey Study
AFSC scientists and commercial fishing interests cooperate to assess pollock abundance in the Aleutian Islands and to evaluate the feasibility of managing the fishery with near real-time acoustic surveying. 

Related Research:

  • Productivity of Capelin and Pollock (NPRB project 524)
  • A cooperative pollock acoustic biomass survey for management of fisheries interactions with Steller sea lions in the Aleutian Islands (NPRB project 730)
  • Logerwell et al, Deep Sea Research, 2007, volume 54: 2849-2868
  • Effect of ocean conditions on the cross-shelf distribution of walleye pollock (Theragra chalcogramma) and capelin (Mallotus villosus). HOLLOWED, A. B., C. D. WILSON, P. J. STABENO, and S. A. SALO. 2007. Fish. Oceanogr. 16:142-154.
  • FIT Cruise Reports


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