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Economic and Social Sciences Research

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Please send general information inquires and completed surveys to this email address.

Gulf of Alaska Groundfish Trawl Fishery Social Study

The North Pacific Fishery Management Council is considering the implementation of a new, yet to be defined, bycatch management program for the Gulf of Alaska groundfish trawl fishery. NOAA Fisheries' Alaska Fisheries Science Center has developed a survey to study the social dimensions of the fishery both before and after the implementation of the bycatch management program.

Changes in how fisheries are managed affect the people and communities participating in the fishery. Scientific research in other fisheries that have adopted quota or "catch share" type management systems has shown impacts to the people working in the fishery. Industry members including fishermen/crew members, processors, and equipment suppliers such as net suppliers are likely to notice changes in the fishery. The type and degree of change will depend on the characteristics of the fishery and the management system.

Human Dimensions Research

Social scientists in NOAA Fisheries study the human species in an effort to better understand human behavior, institutions, and relations to one another and the natural world. In the realm of fisheries, social scientists within the Alaska Fisheries Science Center focus on a greater understanding of the link between people and marine resources such as fish, marine mammals, and marine ecosystems. This research provides information that supports NOAA Fisheries and other agencies and contributes to the larger pool of scientific information that is available to the public and greater research community.

Gulf of Alaska Groundfish Trawl Fishery Social Survey

The data collected via the survey before program implementation will provide a baseline description of the industry as well as allow for analysis of changes the bycatch management program may bring for individuals and communities. The baseline description will lead to a greater understanding of the social impacts the program may have on the individuals and communities affected by fisheries regulations, while the post-implementation measurement of change will allow for program evaluation and potential modification. Additionally, the survey will address potential design elements of the program and give participants an opportunity to provide input in the process of developing the bycatch management program.

Surveys are available online, in-person with field survey teams, by mail or over the phone. In-person surveys will be administered during spring and summer 2014 in trawl ports including Kodiak, Sand Point, King Cove, Newport, and Seattle.

If you are involved in the Gulf of Alaska Groundfish fishery, we encourage your participation in order to obtain the most accurate and detailed information! For more information on how to participate, go to the Participate in the Survey page.

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