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Economic and Social Sciences Research Program

Alaska Marine Sport Fishing Economic Survey Update

The primary goal of this study is to update and implement a survey instrument that collects information to estimate the economic value of halibut sport fishing trips in Alaska.  The original survey instrument collected basic trip information on the most recent fishing experience and used a choice experiment framework to identify anglers' preferences for fish size, catch, and harvest regulations related to halibut and king and silver salmon.  In the updated survey, particular attention will be given to ensuring useful linkages between stated and revealed preference information and understanding preferences between different types of fishing opportunities available to anglers (saltwater vs. freshwater trips, private vs. charter boat trips, etc.).  These data will be used to estimate the demand for Alaskan sport halibut fishing and to understand how attributes such as fish size and number caught and harvest regulations affect participation rates and the value of fishing experiences.  This work is being conducted jointly with Doug Larson of the University of California, Davis.  STATUS: Work on this project will begin in Summer 2004.  For more information or to comment on this project, contact

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