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Economic and Social Sciences Research Program


Improving information available on Alaskan fishing communities


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is conducting a study to learn more about Alaskan fishing communities.  The information we collect will improve the quality of information available about communities and provide a more holistic profile of the way they are tied to fisheries, in an updated version of the Community Profiles for North Pacific Fisheries – Alaska.  The community profiles we have created with information available to us so far can be viewed here:  

This is the second year of this survey. We would like to receive responses to the survey from all communities so that we can update the information in our profiles for communities that responded in 2011 and obtain new information from communities that we did not hear from last year. Examples of information to be requested include community revenues derived from fisheries and related support sector businesses, population fluctuations, fisheries infrastructure available in the community, community participation in fisheries management, and effects of fisheries management decisions on the community.


We are working with the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission, who will be calling tribal and city offices to let them know they will be getting a questionnaire in the mail shortly. The questionnaires will be sent out in October 2012 and will include a self-addressed and stamped envelope for you to mail the survey back to us.


The main goal of this survey is to collect currently unavailable information about each community’s involvement in fishing. AFSC needs people from each community to fill out the questionnaire so that we can include the most up to date information in the revised community profiles. The information you provide may be used to help shape decisions about federal government actions on fisheries off Alaska. To make sure that the best possible information is obtained about each community, we need to hear from you. Without your response, we will not be able to provide the information requested in each community’s profile.


If you have any questions about this survey, please feel free to contact us at 877-741-8913 or

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