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Age and Growth Program

Pacific Cod Ageing

Pacific Cod: The Ageing of a Difficult Species

Age Validations

  • KASTELLE, C. R., T. E. HELSER, J. McKAY, and D. M. ANDERL. 2015. Age Validation of Pacific Cod Using Stable Oxygen Isotope (δ18O) in Otoliths. AFSC Quarterly Report Feature (April-May-June 2015). Online

  • Age Validation of Pacific Cod (Gadus macrocephalus) Using Stable Oxygen Isotopes (δ18O) (2014 poster) By: CRAIG KASTELLE, THOMAS HELSER, JENNIFER McKAY, DELSA ANDERL Conference: Alaska Marine Science Symposium, Anchorage, AK, Jan 2014 (2014 poster, .pdf, 4.04 MB) Online
Pacific cod image

Pacific cod otolith

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