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Guy Fleischer

  Guy Fleischer  
  Title: Division Deputy Director
Division: Resource Assessment and Conservation Engineering
Address: Department of Commerce
National Marine Fisheries Service
Alaska Fisheries Science Center
RACE Division, F/AKC1
7600 Sand Point Way N.E.
Seattle, WA 98115

Current Activities

Guy has been the Deputy Director of the Resource Assessment and Conservation (RACE) Division since 2006. Here he assists the Division Director with the overall management and science direction of the RACE Division. Guy is currently active in the management of fiscal, personnel, facility, and ship time resources and the suite of stock assessment surveys conducted by the RACE Division’s five primary science programs that include staff located in Seattle, Washington, Kodiak, Alaska, and Newport, Oregon.


Guy has both undergraduate (Colorado State Univ., 1977) and graduate (Michigan State Univ., 1982) degrees in Fishery Science. Guy's early professional experiences were largely directed at research efforts to quantify the population dynamics of important Great Lakes fish stocks leading to a better understanding of the processes that shaped the fish community and in the identification of those characteristics critical to each species to support utilization and management. These included environmental baseline studies to assess environmental impacts of winter navigation, commercial fishery assessment and analyses for tribal fishery management and development of total allowable catch levels, and more recently, the application of both traditional capture survey gear and acoustics as tools for fishery-independent assessment of fish stocks, with research focused on development and application of fishery acoustic techniques to evaluate and to improve fish stock assessment. Guy’s involvements also included collaborations with international scientific communities for comparative studies of ecologically equivalent fish populations and other large freshwater systems of the world.

Prior to his current position at the NOAA Fisheries Alaska Fisheries Science Center, Guy served at the Northwest Fisheries Science Center from 2001 to 2006 where he worked in the Groundfish Monitoring Program in the Fisheries Resource Analysis and Monitoring Division as the Monitoring Program Manager for the Observer, Survey, Acoustics, and Habitat/Conservation Engineering Teams.

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