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Bongo Net Photos

recovery of bongo nets
Recovery of bongo nets. J.Napp sprays the smaller nets so content washes
down to a bottom container (cod end) for later processing. Photo by D. Hyrenbach

bongo operations
Bongo Operations, photo from M.Freeman photo collection.

bongo deployment
Deployment of bongo nets.

bongo nets on deck
Bongo on deck: seacat, weights, large nets, small nets, flow meters
at net openings.

spraying down bongo nets
C.Harpold and K.Meir spraying down the bongo nets to rinse contents
into cod ends. Photo by P.Sullivan

bongo net tow content in bucket
5-gallon plastic bucket containing "cod end' of a bongo net and its
content after a tow. Photo by D.Hyrenbach

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