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Groundfish Assessment Program

Trawl Gear Research

Photo of an Eastern otter trawl, the standard sampling gear in the eastern Bering Sea. Click image to enlarge.
The standard sampling gear used in the eastern Bering Sea trawl survey is the 83-112 eastern otter trawl, which has a 25.3-m headrope and 34.1 m footrope. Mesh sizes are 10.2 cm in the wings and 8.9 cm in the intermediate and codend. The codend has a liner of 3.2 cm. (Click on image to enlarge).

Gear research has included examinations of physical and environmental effects on both trawl performance and fish availability to research trawls. Maintaining a time series as a representative measure of relative abundance for groundfish requires consistency in terms of both survey trawl performance and fish availability to the survey trawl gear.

Photo of a slope survey catch. Click image to enlarge.
Slope survey catch (Click on image to enlarge).

Trawl performance studies have included examinations of door and net spread, net height, and bottom contact and their influence on catch efficiency.

Research on fish availability has included an examination of the effects of light on the vertical distribution of walleye pollock, and an examination of the vertical distribution of Pacific cod in relation to the survey trawl gear.

Trawl Gear Research Publications

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See the publications and poster databases for additional listings.

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