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RACE Groundfish Assessment: Recent Publications

  • KOTWICKI, S., P. H. RESSLER, J. N. IANELLI, A. E. PUNT, and J. K. HORNE. 2018. Combining data from bottom-trawl and acoustic-trawl surveys to estimate an index of abundance for semipelagic species. Can. J. Fish. Aquat. Sci. 75:60-71.   Online.
  • CONRATH, C. L., and N. B. SISSON. 2018. Delayed discard mortality of the giant Pacific octopus, Enteroctopus dofleini, in the Gulf of Alaska cod pot fishery. Fish. Res. 197:10-14.   Online.
  • KOTWICKI, S., R. R. LAUTH, K. WILLIAMS, and S. E. GOODMAN. 2017. Selectivity ratio: A useful tool for comparing size selectivity of multiple survey gears. Fish. Res. 191:76-86.   Online.
  • THORSON, J. T., J. N. IANELLI, and S. KOTWICKI. 2017. The relative influence of temperature and size-structure on fish distribution shifts: A case-study on walleye pollock in the Bering Sea. Fish Fish. 18:1073-1084.   Online.
  • STONE, R. P. and C. N. ROOPER. 2017. State of deep‐sea coral and sponge ecosystems in the Alaska Region, p. 39-55. In: T. F. Hourigan, P. J. Etnoyer, and S. D. Cairns (editors), The State of Deep‐Sea Coral and Sponge Ecosystems of the United States. NOAA Technical Memorandum NMFS‐OHC‐4. Silver Spring, MD.   Online.
  • SOMERTON, D., K. WEINBERG, P. MUNRO, L. RUGOLO, and T. WILDERBUER. 2017. The effects of wave-induced vessel motion on the geometry of a bottom survey trawl and the herding of yellowfin sole (Limanda aspera). Fish Bull., U.S. 116:21-33.  Online.
  • BOLDT, J. L., K. WILLIAMS, C. N. ROOPER, R. H. TOWLER, and S. GAUTHIER. 2018. Development of stereo camera methodologies to improve pelagic fish biomass estimates and inform ecosystem management in marine waters. Fisheries Research 198:66-77.   Online.
  • von SZALAY, P.G., D.A. SOMERTON. 2017. A method for predicting trawlability in the Gulf of Alaska with the use of calibrated, split-beam, echosounder backscatter. Fish. Bull. 115: 496-503   Online.
  • ROOPER, C. N., M. ZIMMERMANN, and M. M. PRESCOTT. 2017. Comparison of modeling methods to predict the spatial distribution of deep-sea coral and sponge in the Gulf of Alaska. Deep Sea Res. I 126:148-161.   Online.
  • MCCONNAUGHEY, R. A., K. E. BLACKHART , M. P. EAGELTON , and J. MARSH. 2017. Habitat assessment prioritization for Alaska stocks: Report of the Alaska Regional Habitat Assessment Prioritization Coordination Team. U.S. Dep. Commer., NOAA Tech. Memo. NMFS-AFSC-361, 102 p.  Online.
  • Additional recent publications

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