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Groundfish Assessment Program

Life History Research

A wide variety of research relating to fish life history and ecology of eastern Bering Sea and Aleutian fishes has been conducted within the Eastern Bering Sea Group. Such research has included yellowfin sole distribution and reproduction, changes in walleye pollock distribution with temperature, Alaska skate and Aleutian skate ecology, Atka mackerel reproductive ecology, and larval fish vision and ecology.

Photo of a skate on the seafloor
Researchers are surveying the eastern Bering Sea slope to help determine if areas of the seafloor where skates lay eggs need to be protected. More >>

Archival tagging studies have shed light on the vertical migration patterns of Atka mackerel, Pacific cod, and northern rock sole. More generalized research has examined of the biodiversity of eastern Bering Sea fishes. Recent research includes the use of passive acoustics for studying spawning fishes, and an examination of the biology of marbled eelpout.

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  • Spawning Omission and the Productivity Deepwater Rockfish in the North Pacific Ocean Go there >>
  • Reproductive parasitism between distant phyla: Molecular identification of snailfish (Liparidae) egg masses in the gill cavities of king crabs Lithodidae Go there >>

  • Life History Research Publications

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    See the publications and poster databases for additional listings.

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