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Fisheries Behavioral Ecology - Rearing Systems

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Algal Culture Room

Marine phytoplankton are cultured in this room under bright lights and elevated temperatures (26 degrees Celsius) as part of a food chain for experimental marine fishes. These algae are fed to rotifers, copepods and brine shrimp, which in turn are fed to fish larvae and small juveniles.


Rotifers and brine shrimp are cultured in this room in seawater at 16 degrees Celsius. These zooplankton are fed to fish larvae and small juveniles.

Rotifer Culture Room


Copepod Culture Room

Field-collected copepods are cultured in seawater at 18 degrees Celsius for experiments with small fishes.


Juvenile fishes, including sablefish, walleye pollock and flatfishes, are maintained in 1 m diameter tanks.

Staff feeding juvenile sablefish.


Staff feeding 2+ sablefish.

Large tanks (5 m diameter) hold larger fishes, including juvenile and adult sablefish, walleye pollock, and Pacific halibut.

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Last updated 30 March, 2009

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