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Ernestine Ahgeak (2010)
University of Alaska, Fairbanks
Project: Pacific cod growth in response to ocean acidification

Revanth Chada (2010)
Saint Olaf College
Project: Size-dependent modification of density-dependent habitat selection in juvenile flatfish

Kate Lavelle (2009)
SUNY - Stony Brook
Project: Effect of temperature on morphological plasticity of Pacific cod

Ariel Camp (2008)
Hofstra University
Project: Effect of Nursery Habitat on Density-dependent Habitat Selection in Juvenile Flatfish

Amanda Colton (2008)
University of New England
Project: Responses to visual and olfactory cues in larvae of two North Pacific gadids
Publications from Project: Colton and Hurst (2010)

Lanaya Fitzgerald (2008)
Oregon State University
Project: Interactions between jellyfish and fish - Predation versus commensalism

Laura Lögers (2008)
Aachen University, Germany
Project: Applied Fishery Science - Studies of larval Pacific cod

Casey Benkwitt (2007)
Bowdoin College
Project: Gastric evacuation and daily ration of juvenile chinook salmon in coastal waters
Publicatons from Project: Benkwitt et al. (2009)

Joel Scheingross (2007)
University of California Berkeley
Project: Vertical responses of larval Pacific cod to light, food availability, and flow
Publications from Project: Hurst et al. (2009)

Erin Seale (2006)
Cal State Fullerton
Project: Pacific cod vertical behaviors in response to light, and body size
Publications from Project: Hurst et al. (2009)

Clara Lampi (2005)
Kalamazoo College
Project: Density and habitat effects on nighttime swimming of northern rock sole.

Betsy Glaesemann (2004)
Texas A&M University
Project: Size specific sediment preference and burial capabilities of English sole.

Jessica Ramsey (2004)
Salem College
Project: Effect of light level on foraging abilities of juvenile northern rock sole.
Resulting publication: Hurst et al. (2007)

Tara Duffy (2003)
University of Dayton
Project: Active patterns of juvenile rock sole.
Publications from Project: Hurst and Duffy (2005)

Inia Mariel Soto (2003)
University of Puerto Rico
Project: Affinity by English sole for emergent benthic structure.

Adriana Veloza (2002)
East Stroudsburg University
Project: Effects of turbidity upon foraging by planktivorous juvenile marine fishes.
Publications from Project: De Robertis et al. (2003)

Lewis Barnett (2002)
Oregon State University
Project: Effect of ambient illumination on the behavioral response of juvenile English sole to disturbance by a bottom trawl footrope.
Publications from Project: Ryer and Barnett (2006)

Nick Tagliavento (2002)
Oregon State University
Project: Comparison of divers, beam trawl and video camera sled in determining the abundance and habitat associations of juvenile flatfishes.



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