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Fisheries Behavioral Ecology - Abstracts

Ryer, C.H. and B.L. Olla. 1995. The influence of food distribution upon the development of aggressive and competitive behaviour in juvenile chum salmon, Oncorhynchus keta. Journal of Fish Biology 46:264-272.


Groups of juvenile chum salmon were reared on food that was either dispersed throughout, or localized in one area of, the rearing tank. Groups receiving localized food displayed more aggression than those receiving dispersed food. This led to differences in growth, with fish reared on localized food having greater individual growth variability, i.e. growth depensation. However, after several months of rearing in these different feeding/social environments, fish reared on dispersed food were just as aggressive when first exposed to localized food as were fish reared on localized food. Furthermore, in competitive contests between fish of the two rearing histories, those reared on dispersed food were just as likely to become dominant as those reared on localized food. These results suggest that the behavioural development of aggressiveness is not amenable to alteration by manipulation of food distribution.


Last updated 31 March, 2009

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