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Fisheries Behavioral Ecology - Abstracts

Evseenko, S.A., B. Laurel, J. A. Brown, and D. Yu. Malikova. 2006. On the Gadus taxonomy: ontogenetic evidence. Journal of Ichthyology 46:351-358.


Taxonomic comparisons of the early life history stages of Gadus species were conducted from new and published data on morphological descriptions of eggs and yolk-sac larvae. Findings suggest that G. ogac and G. macrocephalus, two genetically similar species, can be distinguished by differences in their larval pigment patterns, i.e., the position of postanal pigment bars. Differences in the egg chorion were also apparent between Gadus ogac and G. morhua marisalbi. The chorion of G. ogac is adhesive with weak striations, whereas, in G. morhua marisalbi, the chorion is nonadhesive and smooth. Collectively, these data provide supporting evidence towards the assertion that G. ogac, G. macrocephalus, and G. morhua marisalbi are all distinct taxa and can be distinguished at the first stages of life.


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