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Fisheries Behavioral Ecology - Abstracts

Davis, M.W. and B.L. Olla. 1992. The role of visual cues in the facilitation of growth in a schooling fish. Environmental Biology of Fishes 34:421-424.


This study tested the hypothesis that visual contact between fish may result in enhanced rates of growth in a schooling fish. Juvenile chum salmon, Oncorhynchus keta, were held singly and reared in isolation or in visual contact with conspecifics. Fish were fed at either a low (6% body weight d-1) or high (20% body weight d-1) ration for 42d. Specific rates of weight gain were 18% greater at low ration and 38% greater at high ration for fish in visual contract with conspecifics than for those held in isolation. The results demonstrate a selective advantage of visual cues associated with schooling behavior and suggest that the efficacy of growth models for schooling fishes may be enhanced by the consideration of social interactions which may facilitate growth.


Last updated 30 March, 2009

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