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Girl Scouts Women of Science Event; Auke Bay Elementary Class

girl scout
Girl scout examining zooplankton sample under a microscope at Girl Scouts Women of Science event in Juneau, Alaska.  Photo courtesy of Linda Sylvester.

ABL fishery research biologists Emily Fergusson and Jeanette Gann and ABL contractors Bekah Olson and Liz Morgan participated in the Girl Scouts Women of Science Event on 19 February 2011 at the University of Alaska Southeast. The event was sponsored by Girl Scouts of Alaska, Juneau Service Unit.

Emily led a session on marine invertebrates and introduced local girl scouts to zooplankton, including why zooplankton is important and how scientists capture and process it. The scouts looked at zooplankton under a microscope, split plankton samples using a plankton splitter, and separated size classes of plankton using sieves. In other Women of Science sessions Juneau Girl Scouts were able to experience training in marine biology, robotics, medical, dental, and engineering sciences.

Emily also gave a guest demonstration to Mr. Dean's third grade class at Auke Bay Elementary School on 25 February. Students were taught about salmon food webs and how different trophic levels are an important part of ecosystems. They also had opportunities for hands-on experience with processing samples related to what salmon eat and to food webs in general.

By Emily Fergusson and Jeannette Gann


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