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Auke Bay Labs Staff Serve at Southeast Alaska Regional Science Fair

The (Intel-affliated) Southeast Alaska Regional Science Fair was held 11-13 March 2011. This year was the 18th anniversary of a high school science fair in Juneau and had a record number of 135 projects participate.

Eleven AFSC staff at Auke Bay Laboratories (ABL) served as mentors for 21 students (representing 10% of the fair projects) with research projects covering topics in ocean-acidification, bioenergetics of forage fish, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, genetics, and invertebrate biology and toxicology.

The mentors worked with their students between 20-40 hours during December through March to help plan, implement, and interpret their results in preparation for the fair. Three staff mentored more than one project. Twenty-seven staff served as judges during the fair, several of whom were also mentors. This represented 22% of all of the judges in the fair. Three staff, Lawrence Schaufler, Ron Heintz, and Bonita Nelson also serve on the executive committee.

The 2011 NOAA Marine Science Awards, sponsored by the Juneau Regional Office and ABL were presented to:

  • Haley Mertz for her project "How Substrate Location Affects the Survival of Amphipods in Juneau, Alaska"
  • Colin Zheng for his project "Measuring Energy in Walleye Pollock Through Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis"

The 2011 National NOAA 'Taking the Pulse of the Planet' Award was presented to:

  • Erin Gaffaney and Sally Paul for their project "How Temperature Affects the Amount of Acidic Dissolution that Occurs in the Calcium Carbonate Shells of the Pacific Blue Mussel and the Butter Clam"

By Emily Fergusson


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