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Status of Stocks & Multispecies Assessment Program

Report of the BEST/BSIERP Fish Component, Patch Dynamics, and Modeler's Workshop

On 11-13 August 2009, members of the Fish Modeling and Patch Dynamics Components of the BEST/BSIERP program met to discuss and exchange research findings among the three groups. Thirty-nine scientists attended the meeting in Seattle, Washington.

Participants presented key research findings on the following topics:

  • forecasting future climate
  • oceanography of the Bering Sea (spring summer)
  • oceanography of the Bering Sea (winter)
  • responses of phytoplankton and zooplankton to oceanography
  • oceanographic impacts on adult fish spatial distributions
  • adult fish vertical distributions
  • forage fish spatial distributions
  • patch dynamics
  • fish diets
  • foraging responses
  • climate impacts on the timing and distribution of spawning
  • dynamic climate downscaling for the regional ocean modeling system
  • nutrient phytoplankton zooplankton detritus and benthos model
  • Forage and Euphausiid Abundance in Space and Time (FEAST)
  • socioeconomic responses to climate.

Overall, it was clear that the BEST/BSIERP program already is providing new information on the present and future status of the Bering Sea under a changing environment. A report summarizing the results of the workshop has been prepared and released to NPRB principal investigators.

By Anne Hollowed

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