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Groundfish Assessment Program

RACE Scientist Participates in North Atlantic Deepwater Trawl Survey

participants in the deepwater survey
Figure 6.  Participants in the deepwater survey conducted in the North Atlantic by the Fisheries Research Services Marine Laboratory display a catch of orange roughy (Hoplostethus atlanticus) aboard the fisheries research vessel Scotia off western Scotland in September 2008.  Scientists from Scotland, Wales, Russia, and the United States participated.

Gerald Hoff holding a large ratfish
Figure 7.  Gerald Hoff holding a large ratfish (Hydrolagus pallidus) collected during September 2008 aboard the Scotia off the west coast of Scotland.

In September 2008 Jerry Hoff participated in a deepwater survey conducted in the North Atlantic by the Fisheries Research Services Marine Laboratory in Aberdeen, Scotland. Jerry served as an invited international scientist aboard the fishery research vessel Scotia joining scientists from Scotland, Russia, and Wales (Fig. 6 below).

The 2008 survey was the 10th in an annual series conducted to assess the groundfish and invertebrate resources of the slope environment. The groundfish survey conducted trawls between 500 and 1,800 m along the western continental slope from northern Ireland to north of the Outer Hebrides Islands, Scotland.

During the cruise Jerry worked with lead scientist Francis Neat to understand his survey operations, approach, and long-term goals for the survey. Jerry gained insight into the challenges that appear common to deepwater surveys and exchanged ideas on survey standardization and deepwater habitat assessments.

The trip was very informative and provided exposure to an entirely new fish and invertebrate fauna from that of the North Pacific and Alaska waters (Fig. 7).

By Gerald Hoff


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