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Age and Growth Program

Age and Growth Program Production Numbers

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Age and Growth Program Production Numbers

Estimated production figures for 1 January – 30 June 2013. Total production figures were 12,621
with 2,638 test ages and 63 examined and determined to be unageable.

Species  Specimens Aged
 Alaska plaice 269              
 Arrowtooth flounder 955              
 Atka mackerel 910              
 Blackspotted rockfish 360              
 Dusky rockfish 427              
 Greenland turbot 360              
 Northern rock sole 864              
 Northern rockfish 122              
 Pacific cod 2,502              
 Pacific ocean perch 795              
 Rex sole 516              
 Rougheye rockfish 290              
 Sablefish (blackcod) 396              
 Walleye pollock 3,732              
 Yellowfin sole 123              

By Jon Short

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