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New Publications by AFSC Authors

50 citations most recently added to the Pubs Database:

  • SHELDEN, K. E. W. and P. R. WADE (editors). 2019. Aerial surveys, distribution, abundance, and trend of belugas (Delphinapterus leucas) in Cook Inlet, Alaska, June 2018. AFSC Processed Rep. 2019-09, 93 p. Alaska Fish. Sci. Cent., NOAA, Natl. Mar. Fish. Serv., 7600 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle WA 98115.   Online.  (added 2-13-20).
  • DELEAN, B. J., V. T. HELKER, M. M. MUTO, K. SAVAGE, S. TEERLINK, L. A. JEMISON, K. WILKINSON, J. JANNOT, and N. C. YOUNG. 2020. Human-caused mortality and injury of NMFS-managed Alaska marine mammal stocks 2013-2017. U.S. Dep. Commer., NOAA Tech. Memo. NMFS-AFSC-401, 86 p.   Online.  (added 2-13-20).
  • ZACHER, L. S., J. I. RICHAR, and R. J. FOY. 2020. The 2019 eastern and northern Bering Sea continental shelf trawl surveys: Results for commercial crab species. U.S. Dep. Commer., NOAA Tech. Memo. NMFS-AFSC-400, 234 p.   Online.  (added 2-13-20).
  • KIM, S. R., J. J. KIM, W. T. STOCKHAUSEN, C.-S. KIM, S. KANG, H. K. CHA, H.-S. JI, S.-H. JANG, and H. J. BAEK. 2019. Characteristics of the eggs and larval distribution and transport process in the early life stage of the chub mackerel Scomber japonicus near Korean waters. Korean J. Fish. Aquat. Sci. 52:666-684.   Online.  (added 2-7-20).
  • HILL, S. L., J. HINKE, S. BERTRAND, L. FRITZ, R. W. FURNESS, J. N. IANELLI, M. MURPHY, R. OLIVEROS-RAMOS, L. PICHEGRU, R. SHARP, R. A. STILLMAN, P. J. WRIGHT and N. RATCLIFFE. Reference points for predators will progress ecosystem‐based management of fisheries. Fish Fish. 00:1– 11.   Online.  (added 2-7-20).
  • NORMAN, S. A., R. C. HOBBS, L. A. BECKETT, S. J. TRUMBLE, and W. A. SMITH. 2019. Relationship between per capita births of Cook Inlet belugas and summer salmon runs: age‐structured population modeling. Ecosphere 11:e02955.   Online.  (added 2-7-20).
  • LEVINE, M., and A. De ROBERTIS. 2019. Don’t work too hard: Subsampling leads to efficient analysis of large acoustic datasets. Fish. Res. 219: 105323.  Online.  (added 2-7-20).
  • LAUREL, B. J., and L. A. ROGERS. 2020. Loss of spawning habitat and pre-recruits of Pacific cod during a Gulf of Alaska heatwave. Can. J. Fish. Aquat. Sci. Early Online.   Online.  (added 2-7-20).
  • SEUNG, C. K., E. WATERS, and M. TAYLOR. 2020. Developing a Multi-Regional Social Accounting Matrix (MRSAM) for Southwest Alaska Fisheries. U.S. Dep. Commer., NOAA Tech. Memo. NMFS-AFSC-399, 33 p  Online.  (added 2-4-20).
  • HOLLOWED, A. B., K. K. HOLSMAN, A. C. HAYNIE, A. J. HERMANN, A. E. PUNT, K. AYDIN, J. N. IANELLI, S. KASPERSKI, W. CHENG, A. FAIG, K. A. KEARNEY, J. C. P. REUM, P. SPENCER, I. SPIES, W. STOCKHAUSEN, C. S. SZUWALSKI, G. A. WHITEHOUSE and T. K. WILDERBUER. 2020. Integrated modeling to evaluate climate change impacts on coupled social-ecological systems in Alaska. Front. Mar. Sci. 6 (775).  Online.  (added 1-24-20).
  • BREDDERMANN, K., STONE, M., YOCHUM, N. 2020. Flow analysis of a funnel-style salmon excluder. In Proceedings of the Fourteenth International Workshop on Methods for the Development and Evaluation of Maritime Technologies, İzmir, Turkey, November 5th - 7th, 2019, pp. 29-42.   (added 1-24-20).
  • SHELDEN, K. E. W., T. R. ROBECK, C. E. C. GOERTZ, T. L. McGUIRE, K. A. BUREK-HUNTINGTON, D. J. VOS, and B. A. MAHONEY. 2019. Breeding and calving seasonality in the endangered Cook Inlet beluga whale population: Application of captive fetal growth curves to fetuses and newborns in the wild. Mar. Mamm. Sci. Early online.   Online.  (added 12-30-19).
  • SHELDEN, K. E. W., J. J. BURNS, T. L. McGUIRE, K. A. BUREK-HUNTINTON, D. J. VOS, C. E. C. GOERTZ, G. O'CORRY-CROWE, and B. A. MAHONEY. 2019. Reproductive status of female beluga whales from the endangered Cook Inlet population. Mar. Mamm. Sci. Early Online.   Online.  (added 12-30-19).
  • ANDREWS, R. D., R. W. BAIRD, J. CALAMBOKIDIS, C. E. GOERTZ, F. M. D. GULLAND, M. P. HEIDE-JORGENSEN, S. K. HOOKER, M. JOHNSON, Y. MITANI, D. P. OWEN, L. T. QUAKENBUSH, S. A. RAVERTY, J. ROBBINS, G. S. SCHORR, O. V. SHPAK, F. I. TOWNSEND Jr., M. M. UHART, R. S. WELLS, and A. N. ZERBINI. 2019. Best practice guidelines for cetacean tagging. J. Cetacean Res. Manag. 20:27-66.   Online.  (added 12-20-19).
  • McKUIN, B. L., J. T. WATSON, A. C. HAYNIE, and J. E. CAMPBELL. 2019. Climate forcing by battered-and-breaded fillets and crab-flavored sticks from Alaska pollock. Elem. Sci. Anth., 7:48.   Online.  (added 12-16-19).
  • YEUNG, C., and D. W. COOPER. Contrasting the variability in spatial distribution of two juvenile flatfishes in relation to thermal stanzas in the eastern Bering Sea. ICES J. Mar. Sci. Early Online.   Online.  (added 12-13-19).
  • McCONNAUGHEY, R. A., J. G. HIDDINK, S. JENNINGS, C. R. PITCHER, M. J. KAISER, P. SUURONEN, M. SCIBERRAS, A. D. RIJNSDORP, J. S. COLLIE, T. MAZOR, R. O. AMOROSO, A. M. PARMA and R. HILBORN. 2019. Choosing best practices for managing impacts of trawl fishing on seabed habitats and biota. Fish Fish. Early Online.   Online.  (added 12-13-19).
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  • Additional publications

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