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December 16, 2016

Regional Action Plan: southeastern Bering Sea climate science

Preparing for a changing environment to protect marine resources, economies and an important food source

Climate science diagram
Credit: NOAA Fisheries

Alaska has the most valuable fisheries in the country, worth an estimated $1.8 billion. The state's marine resources are vital to economies and our food supply. More seafood is caught in Alaska than any other state in the country.

Alaska is also at the front lines of climate change. To protect and maintain the regionís resources, fishermen, lawmakers and other decision-makers need information to reduce the impacts of a changing environment.

In response, Alaska Fisheries Science Center researchers have a five year plan to collect data and develop science-based strategies to sustain fisheries, healthy ecosystems, marine mammals and coastal communities.

Read plan highlights

Read the full report in the NOAA Fisheries scientific publication, Technical Memorandum

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