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Microworlds Video Downloads in Quicktime® Format

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Why Do Fish Get Sick?
   Low-res  (640x360, 91 MB)
   High-res  (1280x720, 282 MB)

How Old is a Fish?
   Low-res  (640x360, 101 MB)
   High-res  (1280x720, 241 MB)

What Marine Mammals Eat?
   Low-res  (640x360, 82 MB)
   High-res  (1280x720, 197 MB)

Sea Unseen
   Low-res  (640x360, 32 MB)
   High-res  (1280x720, 87 MB)

Carla's Quilts
   Low-res  (640x360, 18 MB)
   high-res  (1280x720, 44 MB)

View these videos.  A DVD of these videos is also available by request.

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