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Instructions for Using the AFSC Multimedia Gallery

To browse the topic galleries:

Most of the galleries can be accessed for browsing by using the photos on the Search Page. Click the featured (large) image to enter its related gallery (see 'Search results' below). Move the cursor over an image for a pop-up indicating the related gallery.

To search the AFSC Multimedia Gallery for media (photos and videos):

Text entered into the search box is compared against text strings within the following data fields for each media record: description, photo/video credit, and any sub-gallery identity (2nd & 3rd menu item, see below). Records with identical (case-insensitive) text matches in these fields are returned.

e.g., entering "Pacific" will match the description "Dover sole (Microstomus pacificus)".  Entering "Pacific lumpsucker" will NOT match "Pacific spiny lumpsucker" (entering just "lumpsucker" would match, however).

Using the "Galleries" menu, and its two sub menus, can be used to further restrict the search results. Making certain selections from the "Galleries" menu will display a second (sub) menu of relevant items. Likewise, certain selections made from the second menu will display a third menu.

Selections from the second and third menus are optional.  Some media within the AFSC Multimedia Gallery are not identified from all three menus. Using fewer menus will return less specific results.

e.g., selecting only "Surveys" returns ALL survey media --- selecting "Survey", then "2008" returns media for all surveys in 2008.

Only one (1) item can be selected from each menu (by clicking) except for the third menu, where up to three (3) selections can be made by holding down the 'Ctrl' key while clicking each item. Each menu's checkbox must be 'checked' in order for its selection(s) to apply to the search. Menu checkboxes must be 'unchecked' from right to left.

The search text box and menus can be used together or separately.  When used together, both the entered text AND selected menu item(s) are used to match those resulting media.

e.g., text box = "parasite" and "Gallery" menu = "Fish" returns media of fish with parasites.

Use the "Submit" button to retrieve search results and the "Reset" button to reload the page with all search controls cleared.

Click "Submit" button without using any of the search features to return ALL media within the Multimedia Gallery.

Search results:

Results are displayed in a gallery-like display of thumbnail images. When multiple thumbnail pages exist, each page can be accessed directly by using the page number links near the bottom of the page. The resulting thumbnails appear alphabetically by caption, unless the search was for "Galleries" = "Surveys", in which case they appear in a purposeful order - grouped by survey, for a more chronological presentation.

Clicking a thumbnail will display a 'Detail Page' showing the enlarged image, or video, and related information. Videos require the Adobe Flash Player™ cross-platform browser plug-in to be installed on your computer. Use the 'previous' and 'next' arrows at the top of the page to move to other 'Detail Pages' for adjacent resulting media (as was displayed on the thumbnail pages). The 'gallery' link at the top of the page returns to the thumbnail page, highlighting the thumbnail of the media previously viewed.

When available, larger .jpg photos can by accessed by either clicking the image, or a link in the "File Name:" information.

For certain videos, a "Download available in QuickTime™ format" link will appear as part of the "File Name:" information.

Restrictions for using these media


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