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Feature Stories

Click on hotlinked photos for feature stories about field and laboratory studies conducted at the Kodiak Laboratory!

Laboratory Research

juvenile red king crab  

The life stages of the red king crab, Paralithodes camtschaticus; many molts to adulthood.

Dorsal view of a blue king crab  

Blue king crab, Paralithodes platypus, development of larval cultivation techniques.
Link to more photos of blue king crab adults and embryos.

[millions of Tanner crab larvae, thzcult1.jpg=8KB]  

Crab larvae and algae cultivation in the Kodiak Laboratory.

Adult Tanner crab mating with female molting  

Molting: How Crabs Grow.

Underwater Research

Diver with sonar tracking device, thdiver.jpg=4kb  

Divers locate and track the movements of a red king crab pod.

[Delta Sub with mother ship, thdelt2.jpg=8KB]  

To catch a crab: undersea with the Delta Sub in Chiniak Bay, Alaska; a 1991 expedition describes Tanner crab mounds.

[Galatheidea, thgalunk.jpg=6KB]  

1999 Patton seamount expedition discovers some unusual deepsea crab species.


2002 Gulf of Alaska seamount expedition: five seamounts explored for the first time.

side view of the videocamera sled  

Innovations to view Tanner crab underwater: video camera sled and ROV.

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