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AFSC Historical Corner:  Marine Species Research

Early Pioneers
Research and Mgmt.
Species Research
  - Salmon
  - Other Fish
  - Fur Seals 1,2,3,4
  - Whales / Whaling
  - Marine Mammals
  - Red King Crab
  - Invertebrates
Federal Hatcheries
Fisheries Management
Environmental and Ecosystem Monitoring
diver underwater
A quadrat is used to sample sea urchins, ca. 1960.  Ted Merrell, photographer.

The importance of identifying and understanding the various marine life found in Alaska is evident by the U.S. Government's investment of funds and personnel throughout history. These efforts have ranged from the earliest studies of migratory and breeding behaviors of the northern fur seal; to exploratory surveying for significant fish and shellfish (crab, shrimp, etc.) populations; to learning about how to preserve and restore threatened and endangered species.

Over the years, several federal groups and programs have emerged within the Agencies (Bureau of Fisheries, Fish & Wildlife Service, etc.), each in connection with the research of certain Alaska wildlife.

Featured  Species
  Pacific salmon (Oncorhynchus spp.)
  Other fish (i.e., halibut, herring, Pacific cod, rockfishes)
  Northern fur seals:  1800s1900-391940-591960s (and on)
  Whales and whaling
  Other marine mammals (i.e., Steller sea lions)
  Alaska red king crab
  Other invertebrates (i.e., snails, shrimp, clams)

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