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HEPR:  Ocean Acidification Funding Received for FY 2012

Research Areas:
Loss of Sea Ice
Essential Fish Habitat
Ocean Acidification
Bering Sea Project
Core Team Members

The AFSC received $380,200 for ocean acidification research in FY 2012. These funds primarily will
be used to conduct species-specific physiological research.

The species-specific physiological response to ocean acidification is unknown for most marine species. Lacking basic knowledge, research will be directed toward several taxa including crabs, coldwater corals, Pacific cod, and walleye pollock.

The research will be conducted at the Kodiak, Auke Bay, and Newport Laboratories and includes some support for ocean monitoring by University of Alaska Fairbanks (Mathis). The king crab results also will be incorporated into a king crab bioeconomic model; this work will be completed by the Socioeconomics Assessment Program in Seattle.

Principal Investigators Abbreviated Titles Funding
Foy Alaska crab growth and survival $180,000
Carls Calcium carbonate measurements, crab $67,000
Dalton Alaska crab abundance forecasts $46,200
Carls, Mathis Coastal monitoring $28,500
Hurst Growth and survival of larval pollock and cod $48,000
Stone Calcium carbonate mineralogy of Alaskan corals $10,500
Total   $380,200


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