The Alaska Fisheries Science Center website is now part of the NOAA Fisheries website.
Some information may not be up to date. Join us at our new location,
Please contact with any questions.

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Accessing Our Web Site

The Alaska Fisheries Science Center web site is best viewed and navigated by enabling scripting and JavaScript in your browser settings. This will display a drop-down menu bar across the top of each page for site navigation. This scripted drop-down menu is accessible with a mouse and also by using the tab key on your computer's keyboard. Some browser versions that are no longer supported, such as Netscape 4X, are unable to access our site successfully. Please update your browser to a version that is currently supported.

Alternate no-script keyboard navigation is available through our site map.  A textual "keyboard navigation" link to the site map appears at the top of each page when scripting and JavaScript are disabled in your browser settings. A link to the site map is also available under "General Information" as well as the upper right-hand corner of most of recent web pages.

Many documents on the AFSC web site are .pdf files.  To view and print .pdf files you must install Adobe Acrobat Reader freeware.  Adobe also offers free tools for the visually disabled.

If you have difficulty in accessing our website, please contact the AFSC webmaster via email or via the contact information on the AFSC administration web page.

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