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FMA Information and Monitoring Technologies

observers at the computers The prime purpose of the Information and Monitoring Technologies Program is to facilitate the flow of quality data which meets the needs of agency clients and allows the conduct of research and industry outreach, addressing data quality issues while maintaining data confidentiality.

Specific elements include:

  • Support of information needs for in-season management

  • Support of information needs for stock assessment

  • Support of information needs for bycatch monitoring and reduction, and monitoring fishery interactions with seabirds and marine mammals

  • Provision of information on compliance monitoring to NMFS Enforcement

  • Provision of information to industry and other interested parties consistent with confidentiality policies

  • Provision of assistance to AFSC and Alaska Region staff in the specification of data requirements which are consistent with user requirements and program capabilities

  • Evaluation of innovative technologies

  • Development and maintenance of information systems necessary to support program functions.



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