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FMA Vessel/Plant Operator Comment Form -
Extra Helps

If you are having trouble filling out the Vessel/Plant Operator Comment Form, these additional instructions should help.

Using your mouse is probably the easiest way to move through this form and then left click where you either want to add a check mark or want to start typing. If that doesn't work well for you, the following instructions might help. You can always use the mouse at any time.

  1. Use the Tab key on your keyboard to move forward through the editable portions of the form. Note: the Enter key does not send you to the next field.
  2. Hold down the Shift key and press the Tab key at the same time to move backwards through the form.
  3. At the yes/no options, press the Enter key to choose "Yes" or press the right arrow key ( -> ) on the keyboard to choose "No." Then use the Tab key to move to the Comment field.
  4. In the Comment Fields, the size of the text gets smaller as more text is added. It automatically moves to the next line as needed, so don't use the Enter key within the Comment field or your text size may shrink rapidly.
  5. For the check boxes, use the Tab key to move to the correct box and press the Enter key to add (or remove) a check mark. Then use the Tab key to move to the next choice.
  6. When you click the Save button at the bottom of the form, you still have to save your file. Choose your own file name and make sure you know which folder you are saving it in.

Hope this was helpful.

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