Ocean Life in Alaska

Pacific Ocean perch

Pacific Ocean Perch
Sebastes alutus

Where do Pacific ocean perch live?

Pacific ocean perch live at depths from 100 m to 300 m in the Pacific Ocean from Southern California north into the Bering Sea and west to the Sea of Okhotsk to southern Japan.

What do Pacific ocean perch eat?

Pacific ocean perch are mainly planktivorous (eat microscopic plants and animals). Juveniles and small adults feed on an equal mix of zooplankton (microscopic animals) and small shrimp (krill). Geography sometimes plays a role in what fish eat. For Pacific ocean perch off of the Aleutian Islands, myctophids (a small pelagic fish) make up a substantial portion of their diet.

How do Pacific ocean perch reproduce?

Female Pacific ocean perch are fertilized internally and are viviparous (the eggs develop internally and receive at least some nourishment from the mother). Mating occurs in the fall, eggs hatch internally, and parturition (release of live young) occurs around April-May.