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Sustainable U.S. Seafood
What's science got to do with it?

This second 5-part series featured in The Seattle Times Newspapers in Education (NIE) was created to help educators introduce the science behind sustainable seafood.
Series originally published in The Seattle Times, November 25-29, 2012.

Lesson plans created by NIE: Part 1; Part 2/3; and Part 4.

Part 1: What's science got to do with it?(PDF)
Learn why science is important to ensuring sustainable seafood.
Part 2: How many fish are there? (PDF)
Learn how difficult it is to estimate fish populations and the complexities of counting fish in the ocean.
Part 3: Age Matters! (PDF)
Learn about the aspects of fish biology that are important to sustainable harvesting, like the age of a fish or how old they are when they first reproduce.
Part 4: Survival in a dangerous environment (PDF)
Learn why understanding what happens throughout a fish's life history is important to understanding the size of a population.
Part 5:Solving the ecosystem puzzle (PDF)
Learn how ecosystem interactions are linked to the health of a fish population.

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