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U.S. Seafood Education

Seafood caught in U.S. waters are managed responsibly. Responsible management requires scientific support to maintain sustainable harvest levels or to rebuild overfished populations. Our seafood education products will help you teach your students about the role of government in managing our natural resources, the scientific support needed to understand the dynamics of the seafood species we harvest and how balancing environmental, economic and community needs is a challenging task.

Intro to Sustainable U.S. Seafood
A five part series introducing the process of sustaining U.S seafood.

Science behind Sustainable U.S. Seafood
A five part series that introduces some of the scientific concepts behind sustainable seafood.

What's science got to do with it? - High School Curriculum
A six lesson curriculum to help educators bring the science behind sustainable U.S. seafood to the classroom.

Seafood 101
A program to help get kids to eat more seafood.

What's your seafood heritage?
Find your connection to the ocean through your seafood heritage.

NOAA Fisheries Seafood Webpage
Videos and other information about NOAA Fisheries' work.

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Are you Seafood Savvy?

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