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Laaqudax^: The Northern Fur Seal

This K-6 curriculum addresses northern fur seal natural history: the fur seal's importance to Unangam (Aleut) culture; the history of the fur seal commercial harvest; and research, conservation, and sustainability of the northern fur seal population. All lessons include an overview presentation and hands-on activities over a range of subjects. (Download the complete curriculum here pdf; 24MB)

Overview: Introduction and Lesson overview pages (pdf; 2.5MB)
Contents, lesson overviews and a description of how to use the curriculum.

Lesson 1: What is a fur seal? (pdf; 12MB)
Identify the characteristics of a mammal, marine mammal, pinniped, and fur seal. Lesson 1 ppt

Lesson 2: Who are the Unangan? (pdf; 2.5MB )
Interpret Unangam literature, describe the geography of the Aleutian Islands, and learn about Unangam clothing. Lesson 2 ppt

Lesson 3: What is a fur seal rookery? (pdf; 7MB)
Describe the seasonal timeline at a northern fur seal rookery and what different age groups do at the rookery. Lesson 3 ppt

Lesson 4: What do fur seals eat? (pdf; 6.25MB)
Learn what fur seals eat, how scientists study fur seal diets, and why it's difficult to study what marine mammals eat. Lesson 4 ppt

Lesson 5: How do fur seals dive? (pdf; 2.5MB)
Investigate adaptations for diving in cold water and compare insulating qualities of air and blubber. Lesson 5 ppt

Lesson 6: Where do fur seals go in the winter? (pdf; 5.5MB)
Describe where northern fur seals go in the winter, plot their migrations on a map, learn methods that scientists use to track fur seal migration routes. Lesson 6 ppt
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