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Pike Place Market by Jim Walton

Sustainable U.S. Seafood
A Journey from Sea to Market

This 5-part series featured in The Seattle Times Newspapers in Education, was created to help educators introduce the complex process of how seafood gets to market. Use the classroom guide (with a glossary and activities) plus the leading questions posed within the series to engage your students.

Series originally published in The Seattle Times, November 13-17, 2011.

Day 1 (PDF): Learn why seafood is a big deal while introducing your students to the complex world of safe and sustainable seafood.
Day 2 (PDF): Learn about the questions scientists ask to figure out what makes a fish population healthy enough for fishing.
Day 3 (PDF): Learn about how fishery managers use science to determine how many fish can be harvested.
Day 4 (PDF): Learn about how NOAA's seafood inspectors make sure our seafood is safe to eat.
Day 5 (PDF): Learn who is behind sustainable seafood; the people, their jobs and their role in ensuring seafood is safe and sustainable.

Classroom Guide (PDF) with glossary, activities and more information.

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