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Polar Ecosystems Program:  Ice Seal Breeding Ecology Cruise

Cruise # DY-08-05: Field Research Photo Gallery  (click image to enlarge)

Photos from the Polar Ecosystem Program's Ice Seal  Breeding Ecology Cruise on the Oscar Dyson!

Dyson group
The research team.
Dyson group
HH60 Jayhawk helicopter.
Dyson group
Learning about C130 aircraft.
Dyson group
John Goodwin.
dead Steller sea lion
Dead male Steller found.
Heather's reaction to the smell
Heather reacts to the smell.
Steller tissue collected
Steller tissue collected.
science party in survival suits
Science party in survival suits.
back deck of the Dyson
Zodiacs on Dyson's deck.
John Goodwin
John scans for seals.
juvenile ribbon seal on ice floe
Juvenile ribbon seal on ice.
juvenile ribbon seal with Dyson behind
Juvenile ribbon seal and Dyson.
field team with ice seal
Field team weighs a captured ribbon seal.
see caption
Field team measures a captured ribbon seal.
see caption
Satellite transmitter is attached to rear flipper.

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